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Fairfield Elementary Magnet

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Discipline Policy

Discipline Policy

Students committing infractions may be punished by suspensions, expulsion, or other disciplinary action.

In order to provide a safe, orderly learning environment for each student, procedures, and rules of conduct must be established and adhered to. Every student is expected to abide by the rules of conduct outlined by the Caddo Parish School Board and the administration and faculty of Fairfield Elementary Magnet. It is our school policy to first contact parents/guardians in all matters pertaining to the inappropriate behavior of students.

The following behaviors are unacceptable and will not be tolerated:

  • Initiating, instigating or participating in a fight or bullying.
  • Sexual harassment
  • Obscene, profane, abusive, violent, satanic, cult, gang related, or drug, including tobacco or alcohol, related language, including writings and hand signs or pictures are prohibited.
  • Possessing or using controlled substances, alcohol, matches or lighters on any school campus, school bus, or at any school-sponsored event.
  • Defacing, stealing or destroying school or personal property. This includes marking, tearing, or damaging textbooks, furniture, walls, windows, buses, etc.
  • Striking or threatening a teacher or any other school personnel.
  • Harassment in any form, bullying, hazing or threatening to do bodily harm to another student.
  • Tardiness
  • Willful disobedience, disrespecting or defying school personnel (aides, teachers, administrators, bus drivers, custodial or cafeteria staff, etc.) or refusing to comply with any reasonable request of any teacher or any other school personnel while they are performing their official responsibilities.
  • Failing to carry home or return progress reports, report cards, notes, behavior forms, etc.
  • Dishonesty, cheating, forging notes and falsifying information.
  • Possessing weapons or imitation weapons or using any tool or instrument to threaten or to do bodily harm.
  • Bringing toys, purses, magazines, video games, any idevices, cell phones or playground equipment from home, unless preapproved and needed for school is prohibited. If these items are taken up, parents must pick them up in the office.
  • Loitering on any school campus or school bus stop while under suspension or during truancy.
  • Leaving class and/or school campus without permission.
  • Violating the parish/school dress code or Fairfield uniform policy.
  • Engaging in mutual displays of affection.
  • Participating in gambling.
  • Chewing gum or eating candy, unless sanctioned by a teacher.
  • Violating any publicized rule approved by the superintendent that is unique to the individual school provided the school rule is not in conflict with the policies of the school board and the laws of the State of Louisiana.
To create a safe and nurturing learning environment for each child, students will be taught methods to deal with conflicts in ways that do not physically or emotionally hurt one another. Much of the conflict between girls and boys in grades K-5 involves gender-based attitudes that include stereotyping, teasing and put downs. We need parental help in creating this safe and nurturing environment by encouraging your child to deal with his/her feelings in positive, non-threatening ways. Teaching all our children nonviolent conflict resolution is one step toward reducing the violence in today’s world.
A complete Caddo Parish Discipline Policy is available in the school office and is provided to each family at the beginning of each school year.
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