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Fairfield Elementary Magnet

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Uniform Policy

Uniform Policy

Fairfield Elementary Magnet Uniform Policy

Parents, you may purchase uniforms at the store of your choice.  You can find a complete listing of our uniform policy in the Student & Parent Handbook

The Caddo Parish Public School Dress Code supersedes all campus-based decisions and should serve as a guide when selecting and/or wearing uniforms and free-dress on campus.

Shreveport Gymnastics, Sports World, Land’s End and French Toast carry our plaid (School Number: 900097437- Plaid #: 134-57).


  • White oxford button-down shirts (short or long sleeve)

  • White or navy polo-style knit shirts (short or long sleeve)

  • Navy or white turtleneck- plain or ribbed to be worn under a uniform shirt

  • Girls may wear white middy blouses with plaid ties

  • White blouses with Peter Pan collars for girls

  • Any exposed “undershirts” must be solid navy or white

  • Shirts should be tucked in


Khaki pants, capris, jumpers, shorts, or skorts, uniform style only.  Belts must be worn if the clothing has belt loops.  Belt loops are not to be removed or cut from clothing.  No part of the belt may be left hanging.  Only kindergarten students are not required to wear belts.  The belt color needs to be brown or navy.

  • Pants  must be the uniform- style slacks, worn at the waist (no low riders), no cargo pants/shorts, Dickies work clothes, overalls, jean-style pants, skinny jeans, or beige denim

  • The length must follow the Caddo parish policy

  • Only medium to dark shades of khaki will be acceptable; light sand or off-white will not be permitted

  • Approved blue plaid (#134-57) pleated skirts or skorts for girls.  This plaid can be found at Sports World and Shreveport Gymnastics.

Coats and Outer Wear:

  • Coats may be any color; they are removed and placed in the locker/cubbie when students enter the classroom and may be worn at recess only.

  • Sweaters and sweatshirts to be worn in the building must be solid navy, white, or a shade of blue that looks uniform in nature.  Sweaters, sweatshirts, and light jackets may not have any logos except Fairfield’s.  A tucked in uniform shirt must be worn under sweatshirts and sweaters.

  • Hoods from hoodies should not be worn on campus including outside, in the cafeteria, hallways, or classrooms.

Shoes and Socks:

  • Ideally, students wear tennis shoes that are laced or fastened at all times.  These are the safest and most appropriate shoes for PE, running at recess and traversing our stairs.

  • Leather shoes need to have flat heels, backs, and rubber soles

  • No pointed toed cowboy boots

  • All shoes must have backs, no slides, clogs (Crocs), mules, or flip flops

  • Socks and tights must coordinate with the uniform, and the bottom of the legging must be covered by a sock.  No bare skin.

 Free Dress Days

On Free Dress Days students may wear any school appropriate clothing following the Caddo Parish Public School’s dress code.

 Spirit Days

Every Friday will be considered Spirit Day.  All students may wear a Fairfield t-shirt with khaki uniform bottoms.  Blue jeans are not permitted.  Acceptable shirts include: navy bulldog shirts, navy tie-dye bulldog shirts.  Fairfield field day shirts, and any other top that was designed specifically for Fairfield Elementary Magnet.

Uniform Reminder

Students wearing the Fairfield uniform represent our school while on campus as well as off campus.  Our goal is to improve school pride and spirit which includes times when students are wearing their uniform in the community.  Students exhibiting school pride and spirit will represent Fairfield in a positive manner.

Student Dress Code

Students and their clothing should be neat, clean and well-groomed and must meet the following guidelines as outlined by the Caddo Parish School Board.

  1. Shoes must be worn at all times.  No “flip flops”, toe shoes, crocs, platform shoes, or cleats; shoes must have a back strap.  This is a safety concern.  Socks are required with all shoes.

  2. Sunglasses, large hoop earrings, wallet chains, hair rollers, fake fingernails, and tattoos are prohibited.

  3. Only middy blouses designed to be worn outside skirts shall be worn in that manner, everything else must be tucked in.  Belts are required for grades 1-5, if clothing with belt loops is worn.

  4. Headbands, barrettes, bows, etc. need to coordinate from the uniform and not distract the learning environment.

  5. Pants, shorts, skorts or skirts must be worn at the waist.  No “sagging” is permitted.  No clothing may be worn shorter than 4 inches above the knees.

  6. No torn clothing or cargo pants may be worn.

  7. Label all possessions (including clothing) so that these items may be returned.  The school is not responsible for lost or damaged items.

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